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AFC West

The Kansas City Chiefs are a member of the AFC West in the NFL.  The AFC West currently consists of The Kansas City Chiefs, The San Diego Chargers, The Oakland Raiders and The Denver Broncos.  All of these teams have bitter rivalries and the AFC West is one of the most competitive divisions in the NFL.

The AFC West was formed in 1960.  The teams in this division were The Dallas Texans, the Los Angeles Chargers, The Oakland Raiders, and the Denver Broncos.  The AFC West has had two teams that came and went, The Seattle Seahawks and The Cincinatti Bengals.

In 2010, The Kansas City Chiefs dominated the AFC West, winning the division with a record of 10-6.  They are considered to be the best team in the AFC West, with the San Diego Chargers in second place, The Oakland Raiders in third, and The pathetic Denver Broncos bringing up the rear in last place.

In 2011, The Kansas City Chiefs brought up the rear in a division that had a three way tie with the Broncos, Chargers and Raiders all having 8 and 8 records. Only the Broncos made the playoffs and they went into the second round, losing to the Patriots.

In 2012, The Kansas City Chiefs had their worst season in team history, putting up a record of 2 and 14. Although this got them a 1st round draft pick in the 2013 NFL Draft, that year's draft was considered the last fruitful in NFL history. The Chiefs ended up picking up Offensive Lineman Eric Fisher, who rode the bench for most of the 2013 season. This was one of the biggest wastes of a first round pick in NFL history. In 2012 the Denver Broncos were the only AFC West team to make the Playoffs and they lost in their first game to the Ravens, who would go on to win the Super Bowl.

In 2013, The Kansas City Chiefs placed 2nd in the AFC West behind the Denver Broncos. The Chiefs looked like the team to beat by the midpoint of the 2013 NFL Season as they held an incredible 9-0 record before their bye week. The Chiefs set two NFL records in the 2013 Season: 1. The first team to win only 2 games in one season then winning the first 4 in the next season. 2. The first team to have a number one draft pick one year and be the least undefeated team the next year (9-0 record at the end of week 9). Coming back from the bye week the Chiefs dropped the ball and lost 3 straight against the Broncos, Chargers and Broncos again in order. The Chiefs never recovered and ended up losing in the Playoffs to the Indianapolis Colts 45-44 after blowing a 38-10 lead going into the third quarter. It was the Chiefs' first season under the new Andy Reid regime and as Chiefs fans have always said "if the Chiefs are still worth watching in December, they had a good season!"

AFC West Standings 2010

Ranking Order Wins Losses Ties
The Kansas City Chiefs 10 6 0
The San Diego Chargers 9 7 0
The Oakland Raiders 8 8 0
The Denver Broncos 4 12 0

AFC West Standings 2011

Ranking Order Wins Losses Ties
The Denver Broncos 8 8 0
The San Diego Chargers 8 8 0
The Oakland Raiders 8 8 0
The Kansas City Chiefs 7 9 0

AFC West Standings 2012

Ranking Order Wins Losses Ties
The Denver Broncos 13 3 0
The San Diego Chargers 7 9 0
The Oakland Raiders 4 12 0
The Kansas City Chiefs 2 14 0

AFC West Standings 2013

Ranking Order Wins Losses Ties
The Denver Broncos 13 3 0
The Kansas City Chiefs 11 5 0
The San Diego Chargers 9 7 0
The Oakland Raiders 4 12 0
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