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Kansas City Chiefs Rivals

The Chiefs main rivalry teams are The Oakland Raiders and The Denver Broncos. Although the San Diego Chargers are in the same division as The Kansas City Chiefs, they are not really considered a rival team for some reason.

Year 2000 - The Chiefs trade Gannon and Rison to the Raiders
The history of the rivalry between the Chiefs and the Raiders is long and branded. The rivalry was renewed in 2000 when the Chiefs traded away Rich Gannon and Andre Rison to the Raiders. This was considered a very bad trade by Chiefs fans as Rich Gannon was an up and coming quarterback and Andre Rison was clearly one of the best wide receivers that the Chiefs have ever had on their roster. Without missing a beat, the Raiders came to Arrowhead Stadium in 2000 and beat the pants off of the Chiefs. In that game Gannon threw TWO touchdown passes to Andre Rison.

Kansas City Chiefs / Oakland Raiders Rivalry 2011


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