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Comedy Radio in Kansas City

The Sunday Jones

Kansas City comedy radio at it's best! The Sunday Jones is KC's hottest new comedy radio show that features hilarious special guests and a different panel each week for maximum variety! The show airs every Sunday at 4pm except during football season. This Kansas City comedy radio show was invented by a group of hard core partying NFL football fans who decided that they needed something to do when football season came to an end. That's when they decided to create a comedy radio show and thus the name "The Sunday Jones" - because they are "jonesing" for football.

The group chooses new topics every week that vary from sports to weird news stories and also they have the now famous "VS" segment in which they pit different things against each other each week and argue loudly about each side and then eventually vote on which side won. Fun stuff!  Kansas City comedy radio at it's best.

Anyone is free to chime in on the show via Twitter at

Tune in weekly during the NFL off season, or check out past episodes below...

The Sunday Jones Season 1

Episode 1 - The Next Great Reality Show

Episode 2 - Pirates VS Ninjas

Episode 3 - Funny Holiday Stories

Episode 4 - Danica Patrick Sucks

Episode 5 - Crazy Wedding Stories

Episode 6 - Worst Date EVER (Musical Guests The La De Dahs)

Episode 7 - 80's VS 90's

Episode 8 - Boone's Farm "HULK"

Episode 9 - Going to the Game

Episode 10 - Target VS WalMart

Episode 11 - Funny Bar Stories (Special Guest Dan)

Episode 12 - Tipping (Special Guest Uncle Ralphie)

Episode 13 - Party Houses (Special Guest Kristin)

Episode 14 - I See Couch People

Episode 15 - My Car Was Stolen By Crackheads (Special Guest Joe)

Episode 16 - George Brett (Special Guest Brent H.)

Episode 17 - Getting Tased

Episode 18 - Match Dot Com

Episode 19 - Are We Raising Our Children To Be Pussies?

Episode 20 - Mac VS PC

Episode 21 - The Kansas City Plaza Gangs (7 in the house! Mikey, Adam, Josh, Michaela, Carly, Joe and Marky Mark)

Episode 22 - Stabbing and Shooting on the Metro (Special Guest Zach Owens)

Episode 23 - Backstreet Boys VS NSYNC

Episode 24 - Patrick's .1 K Race in Waldo (Special Guest Kristin)

Episode 25 - Drunken Madness

Episode 26 - Case of Mistaken Racism (Special Guest Carrie)

Episode 27 - Labor Day Special (Season Finale)

The Sunday Jones Season 2

Episode 1 - Season Premier!

Episode 2 - Lazy Week - Cum When You Want

Episode 3 - On The Brink of Spring (Special Guests Marky + 1)

Episode 4 - Opening Day (Special Guests Brent)

Episode 5 - Google Fiber! (Special Guest Joe)

Episode 6 - Easter Special!

Episode 7 - Special Deal for Bald People!

Episode 8 - Royals Fever!

Episode 9 - Chiefs Draft Picks (Special Guests Carly and Mary Jane)

Episode 10 - 20's for KC!

Episode 11 - KISS is in the House!

Episode 12 - Father's Day Special

Episode 13 - Hung Over! (Special Guest Chris)

Episode 14 - World Cup, Waterparks!

Episode 15 - The WHOLE GANG!

Episode 16 - What the FAWK?!

Episode 17 - The REMIX!!

Episode 18 - Teddy Bear Execution

Episode 19 - Patrick's .1K Run 2014 (Special Guest Uncle Ralphie)

Episode 20 - The Countdown is ON!

Episode 21 - Season Finale

The Sunday Jones Season 3

Episode 1 - Season Premier!

Episode 2 - Hung Over as FAWK!

Episode 3 - Blow Up The TV

Episode 4 - Barbershop Quartets

Episode 5 - Carribbean Cruise Special

Episode 6 - Blow Up The TV 2

Episode 7 - The La De Dahs 2015

Episode 8 - Happy Easter!

Episode 9 - Rock Lobster!

Episode 10 - Sloppy, Runny Eggs

Episode 11 - Full House!

Episode 12 - BB Gun Special

Episode 13 - Happy Mother's Day!

Episode 14 - Mr. Saturday Night Special

Episode 15 - Memorial Day 2015

Episode 16 - Jazzoo 2015

Episode 17 - Float Trip Special

Episode 18 - The Gang Goes Religious

Episode 19 - 4th of July 2015

Episode 20 - Mark Kerr Interview

Episode 21 - Nobody Fucks With the Jesus

Episode 22 - Patrick's .1K Run 2015

Episode 23 - Smoked Chicken and Ribs!

Episode 24 - Carly's Birthday!

Episode 25 - Ghost Stories

Episode 26 - It's So Hard - Season Finale

The Sunday Jones Season 4

Episode 1 - Season Premier Valentine's Day Special

Episode 2 - The $50 Sports Bra

Episode 3 - 74 Degrees in February

Episode 4 - Spring Mix Salad

St. Patrick's Day Special 2016

Episode 5 - Belly Slap!

Episode 6 - Easter Special 2016

Episode 7 - Broken Bones

Episode 8 - Carly, Where's My Car?

Episode 9 - Deleted - Oops!

Episode 10 - Sausage Fest Sunday

The Sunday Jones Season 5

Episode 1 - Season Premier

Episode 2 - Transgender Mania

Episode 3 - The San Francisco Treat Part 1

Episode 3 - The San Francisco Treat Part 2

Episode 4 - Return of the Mike

The Sunday Jones Season 6

LIVE From Alabama Jacks - The Keys, Florida
The Wednesday Hump

When the NFL started back up and thus ending their other extremely popular show called "The Sunday Jones", the creators of The Sunday Jones decided that they would keep the show going on a different night (so as not to interfere with their precious NFL watching schedule). So, in a grand design sweep, the creators invented The Wednesday Hump, a Kansas City comedy radio show that features the same great panelists and guests as The Sunday Jones but instead of changing the topics every week they stick to the same three comedy radio topics:

1. Sports
2. Fantasy Football WTF!?
3. What Busts My Hump

The sports topic is fairly self explanitory, the group discusses The Kansas City Chiefs, The Royals, Sporting KC and other KC sports events as well as a little bit of National sports news like the NFL and the MLB. The second topic, called "Fantasy Football WTF!?" is basically an open bitching session for the guests to talk about what the hell just happened to them in their fantasy football leagues. The final topic "What Busts My Hump" is an open forum for the guests to get off their chests anything that really pisses them off - or "busts their hump". Kansas City comedy radio at it's best.

Tune in weekly during the NFL season, or check out past episodes below...

The Wednesday Hump Season 1

Episode - Pilot

Episode 1 - Marky Mark is on a Roll

Episode 2 - Three Blind Humps

Episode 3 - Tony Romo's Folly

Episode 4 - Adam Get's Dumped

Episode 5 - How To Open a Beer with a Lighter

Special Turkey Day Episode!

Episode 6 - Remember The Cars!

Episode 7 - The Pope Used to Be a Bouncer in a Nightclub

Episode 8 - The Crew Jumps into a Limo

Episode 9 - Obama Care Encourages The Lower Class To Quit Working and Burdens the Middle Class

The Wednesday Hump Season 2

Episode 1 - We're Back! Season Premier

Episode 2 - Gonna Take A Switch To Ya!

Episode 3 - Pimpin' All Over the World

Episode 4 - Let's Go Royals!

The Wednesday Hump Season 3

Episode 1 - Season Premier!

Episode 2 - Get to the JOKE Already!

Episode 3 - It's The REMIX!

Episode 4 - A Party? At My House? Well, EXCUSE ME!
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